• Resume


        Zonghong Zhang, was born in 1968 in the city of Beijing.

        He is a member of the China Wushu Federation and a 20th generation indoor student of Chen Family Taijiquan.

        He was awarded first place at the Fifth Annual Beijing International Invitational, first place in Fist and Sword Forms at the Beijing Chen Zhaokui Cup in 2005, 2006 respectively, and champion of the under 70kg Men’s Push Hands Competition.

        In addition to traveling to St. Petersburg in 2006, Mr. Zhang has taught Chen Style Taijiquan throughout China. He has received much media attention with interviews and reports on programs such as Beijing Traffic Radio’s People’s Taxi.

        In 2009, Mr. Zhang established the Beijing Zonghong Taijiquan Training Center.



         The Center is a training venue specializing exclusively in the instruction, practice, and transmission of authentic Taijiquan.
         The Center is located in the scenic Baishan, Changping district outside of Beijing, less than 3km of Xiaotang Mountain Natural Hot Springs. The center is over 800m2, spacious and airy with excellent facilities and a commitment to providing the best service possible to our students.
       Purpose: To strengthen the body, train the mind and promote an overall sense of well-being through the continued tradition of the spirit of Chinese martial arts.
          Courses of Instruction: Chen Style Taijiquan Fist Form, Chen Style Sword Form, Taiji Ball, Taiji Qigong theory, Taiji Wellness practices, Yin Style Bagua, Free sparring (Sanda), etc.
          Qualified Candidates: 17-50 year old men and women from all backgrounds and cultures.
          Class Schedule: We will arrange a schedule to fit students of various levels from beginner to advanced, intensive vacation retreats, or private classes for instructors in any of the above listed areas.
          We look forward to your arrival!                             Beijing Zonghong Taijiquan Training Center